Sailing over waters with my father and family since childhood, I found strength and solace, a place where I felt balanced even when waters were rough. While raising two children, I obtained my Masters of Arts in Education and I learned quickly, the importance of balance for well-being in our lives. My journey with its various careers enabled me to work with talented people at diverse companies such as Trish McEvoy, Time Inc., and USA Today. Through all of these experiences the common denominator was the appreciation people had of a place to feel centered, yet progress in their life. Feeling some progress after cycling through Iowa on a seven day race with a team, I started researching ways to help others find a balance within a fitness environment, even if they didn't want to enter a race. Next chapter, studying the ancient traditions and the asanas of yoga with its benefits to the mind and body, then leading yoga class for friends on a dock over the lake, truly brought me to a balanced place.

    I created Salt Mine with the foundation to provide our community a place to achieve personal, physical and mental well-being, through fitness classes which inspire, challenge, and relax. In the memory of William E. Johnston Jr., who believed in the importance of giving back to our community; our people, and who had passion for sailing with the insight of solace from it, Salt Mine is your compass on your path of physical and mental unfolding.